OLEY TWP., Pa. -

A number of roofs have collapsed in Berks County in the past few days thanks to the heavy snow. There are some things you can do to keep your home from being next.

Workers from MAST Roofing & Construction in Oley Township are suiting up, grabbing their shovels and hitting the roofs of several homes all to clean the pileup of snow.

"We have had the ice as well as multiple snow storms and without the chance for it to thaw it has been building up," said MAST Roofing & Construction Repair Technician Luke Johnson.

Joyce Magann of Royersford, Montgomery County called upon MAST Roofing & Construction after she discovered water in her basement.

"The water just creeps in from the roof and it drips down the whole inside wall. It came in my bedroom, it came in in the ceiling in the living room and it came in down in the basement," said Joyce Magann of Royersford.

MAST Roofing & Construction says the first thing to look for is ice building up on your roof creating icicles.

"The ice was literally over the gutter," said Magann.

Some other signs include sagging, dripping, creaking and water stains in your attic or other parts of your home. Luke Johnson says roof collapses happen because of the weight of the snow. So cleaning your roof is especially important if you have a flat or less steep roof.

"The less pitch you have, the less drainage and the slower the water is able to get off your roof. So it is holding more weight in the process of that melting period," said Johnson.

But the biggest piece of advice is to take care of your roof early to prevent flooding or a collapse, something Magann is kicking herself for not doing.

"I said I probably should have had you come like two weeks ago to rake off some of this snow and that is probably what I should have done," said Magann.

But now she is relieved.

"It was nice to see, coming up and knowing the water will stop running in the basement," said Magann.

If your home's problems lie beneath the snow, MAST Roofing & Construction is offering a free roof giveaway. To learn more about the "No Roof Left Behind" program, log onto http://mastsroofing.com/