When the temperatures drop, not everyone can avoid the frigid weather. In fact, there are some people who brave the cold so you can stay warm.

"When we come in in the morning, our boss lays the tickets out and we have to go through them and set routes and deliveries up for the day," said heating oil driver Dennis Levan.

A stack of delivery forms and some warm clothes is all Dennis Levan needs to start his day. Levan has been in the heating oil business for 30 years, working for Francis L. Werley Incorporated in Hamburg.

He delivers nearly 6,000 gallons of heating oil a day to homes and businesses throughout Berks County. No amount of snow, ice or cold can stop them.

"This time of the year when it is frigid and cold outside customers depend on Werley's Oil Company to do the deliveries. So we are always out there no matter what it takes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week," said Levan.

Levan can make anywhere from 25 to 40 stops a day. It is all dependent on the weather. So when it is cold, there is more work.

"It is cold out but as long as you keep moving around and you are dressed comfortable, it is not a bad job to have," said Levan.

But he says the cold is worth it when you see the look on the customer's face.

"Yeah, people are very happy," said Levan.

Dennis's trick was to keep moving. But officials warn that if you do not have to be out in the cold, avoid it.