Some residents battling an intersection covered with ice, say they feel forgotten by the city.

69 News cameras captured one vehicle after another becoming stuck at the ice-covered intersection of McClellan and Patton streets in the Oakbrook section of Reading, Tuesday afternoon.

Ana Reyes, president of the Oakbrook Residents Council says she has been complaining and getting nowhere, and feels like her community has been forgotten.

"Very sad," Reyes said. "Very upset."

A small stream of water could be seen trickling into the intersection.

After some searching, 69 News located a pipe, not far from the intersection, that was pouring water onto the street.

Pictures were taken and immediately sent to city officials.

Officials at Reading's Public Works department said it was thanks to calls from 69 News that they were alerted of the issue.

"We called a salt truck out and they should be on their way now," said Ralph Johnson, acting director of Public Works in Reading.

As far as resolving the root problem, officials say that will require examining the complicated system of pipes the run underground.

"I don't think that will be solved this winter. I think that's a long-term issue that's going to have to take some effort to be addressed probably next spring or summer," Johnson said.

City officials said they plan to sit down with the housing authority over the next few days to come up with a short-term battle plan to protect the intersection, at least for the rest of the winter, from freezing over again.