A local group of volunteers rallied for firearm regulations in downtown Reading on Friday.

The local chapter of Organizing for Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns rallied at 5th and Washington streets in Reading.

The groups said they don't want to take away peoples' guns in the United States, but they want to make sure appropriate background checks are completed when guns are purchased.

"We do want to make sure that people who have mental problems don't get guns," said Harlan Kutscher. "We want to make sure that people with criminal records don't get guns. We want to make sure that federal traffic, that there's a federal law now against gun trafficking, because right now there isn't any."

Gun advocates are unhappy with the proposed laws and said they aren't based on facts.

"More people are killed in America with feet and hands than are ever shot with an automatic rifle, so using their logic, they should probably cut off peoples' feet at birth, therefore no one would ever get kicked to death," said Kent Crystal, Berks County Patriots.

The Senate cleared its first hurdle for legislation Thursday and will consider expanded background checks next week.