Ice injuries keeping local ambulance crews busy

Posted: 5:31 PM EST Dec 12, 2013   Updated: 6:00 PM EST Dec 12, 2013
Ice injuries keeping local ambulance crews busy

The cold, icy conditions are making it treacherous for drivers and for anyone who's walking outside.

"I think it is pretty bad because the cars slip and so do the students," said Nicole Palubniak in Kutztown.

Despite most of the streets and sidewalks being cleared in Kutztown, there are still some icy patches around town.

"We were just crossing the street and actually commenting on how there is still some ice on the sidewalk, so even for me it is a concern. They are supposed to be cleaned off so no one falls," said Colleen Lichtenwalner.

Emergency personnel say they always have more crews on standby for snow events, but they also see more injuries days after a storm when ice persists.

"We have been called for it all over the place at businesses at homes, typically all outside," said Kutztown Ambulance Assistant Chief Philip Salamone.

Ambulance crews say slipping and falling on ice can be very dangerous and can cause a wide array of injuries.

"Typically breaks. Breaking of limbs, hurting their neck, hurting their back, especially once you get to the elderly population, these can have lasting effects for years if not the rest of their life," said Salamone.

EMS crews say avoid the ice if at all possible and walk in snow packs rather than across ice. They also encourage people to stay indoors during storms to allow crews to salt roads and sidewalks to avoid other accidents.

With another snow storm expected on Saturday, the Kutztown Ambulance is planning on having extra crews on standby for any major accidents or falls.