Just one week after a deadly gas explosion in Ewing Twp., N.J., another building is reduced to rubble.

The violent explosion by 116th Street and Park Avenue in East Harlem brought down two buildings and left at least three people dead and several others injured.

"It was just so loud it woke me out of my sleep. That is how loud it was," said a witness in New York.

"We just heard this impact, and it sounded like a bomb or something going off, and it kind of shook, it shook us, and literally, you felt the ground shake," said another witness in New York.

The mayor of New York City said a resident called utility Con Edison to report a gas leak shortly after 9 a.m. Although Con Ed dispatched a crew within two minutes, it did not make it in time to prevent a massive explosion.

"There was a lot of chaos. There was debris coming down the street. You could barely see the building for what it is, you can see it now, but you could barely see that. And when I first got here, there was smoke all over the place," said a witness in New York.

Lancaster native Magno Gelin was traveling to New York when she saw the initial reports.

"When I saw it, I did not know if it was a gas explosion or somebody put a bomb. So I was kind of confused. I was really worried," Gelin said.

Others traveling from New York to Reading said it was frightening for those riding public transportation.

"There was people in the trains that were scared that something might happen to the train," said traveler Freddy Pena.

Thirty-nine fire companies responded with more than 160 firefighters trying to fight the blaze and get it under control.