2014's first major storm stalls travel in Berks

Posted: 1:39 PM EST Jan 03, 2014
Storm slows travel in Berks

The first snow storm of 2014 crippled drivers early Friday morning throughout Berks County.

Tires were spinning, and some cars could hardly move in Reading. Ousmone Toure found himself stuck trying to leave a gas station on North 5th Street in the city.

"I'm not used to this, it's crazy! It's crazy!" said Toure, who is originally from Africa.

Michael Shaner spent Thursday night working in Muhlenberg Township. When he walked outside he found his car buried, and spent nearly 20 minutes in the extreme cold to clean it off.

"The side was glazed in snow. It was covered and ice formed," said Shaner. "It's too cold out! I just feel like getting home, getting in my warm house and covering up."

When the sun came up, drivers still had trouble. A mini van needed a push on Fifth Street Highway in Muhlenberg Township to finally get moving.

Snow blowers were blaring in Shillington as residents braved the elements, and started to dig out. The snow was light and easy to move, but it was the whipping winds that made it difficult for people.

"The biggest thing was it's blowing back in my face and I couldn't figure out a way to blow the snow. It seemed like it's coming around in a circle," said Glenn Angstadt, who went out early to clear his sidewalk because his office opened two hours late.

Plows went up and down and attacked the roads throughout Berks all day Friday.

Hettie Campion salted her sidewalk and hoped for some of the snow to melt, and hoped the arctic air blows out of town.

"I lived for 30 years in New England so I kind of had my fill with it, but I like the quiet of it and it's very pretty," said Campion, who also went to work two hours late Friday.

The snow may be pretty on the trees and on the houses, but officials warned people to use caution in the dangerous cold.