Three men are behind bars, but police said they are still looking for two more who are responsible for beating and stabbing two victims at the Candlewood Suites in West Reading.

There was a massive raid Wednesday morning on four homes in Reading.

"There were 60 to 70 law enforcement officers on the street," said Theresa Johnson, First Assistant District Attorney.

They were looking for Darkenya Markowski, Tywaun Terrell, George Albright, and Daniel Cruz.
Police said the four plus an unidentified man went to the Candlewood Suites early last Thursday morning and brutally beat and stabbed two men.

Darkenya Markowski was apprehended Wednesday morning at his home in the 1100 block of Cotton Street in Reading, said Detective Joe Brown, West Reading Police Dept, adding that two other men, George Albright and Daniel Cruz, were also arrested.
The Cotton Street raid was one of four carried out by police Wednesday morning as they sought five suspects in the case. Two men remain at large, said police, adding that all have connections with the Bloods gana. And three of the suspects are self-identified members of the Bloods.
Another man, not involved in the hotel assault, was arrested for scuffling with arresting officers, police said.
The two victims who were assaulted inside the Candlewood Suites hotel in West Reading on March 14, police said, one suffered a stab wound to his chest, a severed finger and a wound to this head. The other victim was kicked in the head and body.
"There was blood everywhere within the room," said West Reading detective Joe Brown.

Police said one of the victims made it to the hallway and other guests heard the noise.

"It was probably to the victim's benefit that did happen because that's how the police were alerted," said Brown, "Which led to the suspects fleeing from the hotel before they could inflict more serious injuries or end up killing the victims."

Police charged the four men between the ages of 19 and 21 with attempted homicide.

West Reading police said they were able to determine who was involved based on video at the hotel and video from 11th and Cotton Streets.

"At the same time Reading police received a call for a stabbing," said Brown.

Police said suspect Daniel Cruz had a stab wound to his abdomen and claimed it happened at a convenience store in Reading.

"We're able to access video very quickly to determine if what they're saying is in fact true," said Reading Captain Damond Kloc.

Police said it wasn't true. And soon both departments realized their videos had the same men. Now they need to identify one more.

"I'm sure with the public's help we're going to identify him and he will be charged the same as the other four," said Brown.

Markowski was caught in the raid, Albright turned himself in, Cruz returned to Reading hospital because of an infection and was arrested. And police are still searching for Terrell.
Those caught are being held on 1 million dollars bail. Police have not determined a motive for the attack. Police said the victims are recovering from their injuries.