5th suspect nabbed in '06 lower heidelberg home invasion

Posted: 7:00 PM EST Feb 27, 2013   Updated: 6:17 PM EST Feb 28, 2013

Six years after a violent home invasion in Lower Heidelberg Township, Berks County, police have locked up the fifth and final suspect, said officials.

Omar Caraballo has been on the Berks County Most Wanted list for the past three years. He was arrested Wednesday night after receiving an anonymous tip in the 900 block of North 9th Street, said police.   

"Nobody should walk into somebody's house broad daylight," said the victim, who did not want to disclose her identity.

The Lower Heidelberg Twp. woman spoke out for the first time since the attack.   

Caraballo, 29, is the final suspect arrested after four men in masks stormed into her home armed with guns in December 2006, said police.

"They pointed a gun and told me let's go. It was Christmas time, my house was done and I asked them not to hurt my animals. I had a blind dog and an old cat," she said.

The woman's eyes, mouth and arms were duct taped, and her son was beaten. Then, they were both taken down into the basement, said police.

"We have a metal school chair that they sat me on and they tied me up with Christmas lights. My husband had a few file cabinets. I heard all this noise, and they were all being dumped on him," the victim said.

Six years later, Caraballo is behind bars charged with the brutal crime.    

The woman's husband was not home that day, he said their lives have never been the same.

"They could have been killed. You always have that thing you're going to get robbed again, it just hasn't been the same," he said.

"Eventually, everybody gets their payback, it just took awhile," said the victim.

According to police, nearly $9,000 was stolen from their home, and now everyone involved has been charged.   

The couple's son has moved out of the area to get a fresh start.   

The victims have since installed a security system they say is on all the time.