91-year-old woman's dream comes true on dance floor

Posted: 4:40 PM EST Jan 04, 2013   Updated: 6:12 PM EST Jan 04, 2013
Millie Yarnell

A 91-year-old Exeter Township woman has brushed the dust off her dancing shoes to make her dreams come true.

Millie Yarnell, a resident of the Elm Croft senior living facility, said ballroom dancing has been a major staple in her life since the early 1950s.

"I love it. I love it," said Yarnell.

Her partner was her husband Harry, who passed away a few years ago.

"Oh I can't begin. It brings back too many memories," said Yarnell.

Since her husband's passing, Yarnell said she has not been on the ballroom dance floor, but with the help of Second Wind Dreams, a non-profit organization that grants wishes to the elderly, that has changed.

Second Wind Dreams helped Yarnell's senior living facility make her dream of ballroom dancing come true.

Yarnell was accompanied on the dance floor Friday by a ballroom instructor. The pianist happened to be an old friend who used to play in a local band whose music she and her husband used to dance to.

"The Sentimentalist. We went with them... we followed them," said Yarnell.

In front of her friends and Elm Croft staff, Yarnell waltzed and danced ballroom in the arms of a dancing instructor. During her time on this dance floor, she did not miss a step.

"I just love the music," said Yarnell.

When Yarnell needed a break, the pianist played old familiar tunes for the Elm Croft residents. It didn't take Yarnell long, however, to get herself back onto the dance floor.

"It's good for you. And to me, it takes the stress away, and that means a lot today," said Yarnell.