Berks community fears more gunfire after bullet fired into girl's bedroom

Posted: 3:13 PM EST Jan 30, 2013   Updated: 5:12 AM EST Jan 05, 2013
Bullet fired through home

A Berks County woman is demanding answers after a stray bullet went flying through her young daughter's bedroom.

Karen Weachter squeezed and hugged her daughter Ella extra tight Friday. On New Year's Day, she was taking a nap with her two children in her son's room. She woke up to the sound of gunfire and later realized a stray bullet came flying through 3-year-old Ella's bedroom wall.

"How do I keep them safe in the privacy of my own home? Now, I have a gunshot through my daughter's bedroom. It's terrifying," said Weachter.

The bullet was found in the hallway. Pieces of drywall were still sitting next to stuffed animals. The bedroom decorated with Dora the Explorer and Barbie dolls is now a horrific reminder of what could have happened.

"Just anybody walking by, they could have been in the wrong area at the wrong time. Thankfully, nobody was harmed this time," said Weachter.

Weachter said "this time" because the sound of gunfire is apparently common in the Jennifer Court neighborhood, just off Fritztown Road.

"We've been concerned about the noise, and it's been occurring on a regular basis," said John Mattern, who lives across the street from Weachter.

Neighbors in the small development described the shots as continuous. They believe they're coming from the railroad tracks behind the houses. Some parents fear a bullet may fly through their house next.

"At 10 to 15 rounds at a time, it's a little obsessive. With these two little guys, I definitely don't want anything like that happening to them," said Scott Downes, who lives on Jennifer Court with his young family.

"There's a lot of kids in the neighborhood. They play in my yard and my grandchildren live next door," said Mattern.

Spring Township police are investigating. They said they believe the bullet was fired from a .40 caliber handgun.

Weachter wants to know who pulled the trigger. Anyone who hears the gunfire near their home is urged to call police.