A black bar walking across Route 209 in Schuylkill County was struck by two vehicles Saturday night.

"All of a sudden we see this big, black furry thing in the middle of the road," said Renee Troutman, a passenger in the first collision.

Troutman told 69 News her husband was behind the wheel as the two headed home to their Flying Hills neighborhood in Berks County.

They were driving slowly, she said, but weren't able to brake before it was too late. The bear was hit, and rolled into the opposite side of traffic.

"My husband flashed the lights, trying to get them to slow down or stop but they didn't. A pickup truck ended up hitting him, pretty much, about 45 miles an hour. And just threw him, rolled him and killed him," said Troutman.

Troutman said each car was damaged, although no other injuries were reported. And according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission Southeast Region, drivers shouldn't be too concerned about future bear accidents.

"It's just not that common. You don't see signs on the highways that say 'bear crossing' for a reason," said John Morgan, wildlife management supervisor.

While Morgan said bears will cross roads on occasion, there are too few in the southeastern part of the state for residents to be worried. He does, however, caution drivers to look carefully for deer while driving.