A surge in burglaries in one Berks County town has business and home owners on high alert.

"Everyone has to be on their toes now," said Lisa Hoimes, co-owner of Fleetwood Pizza.

"It upsets me. It makes me nervous. I worry about it anyway with the state of the economy," said Tammy Rineman, owner of Kuts & Karats.

Tammy Rineman watches her back a little closer now after some of her fellow small business owners were robbed.

"They were working their way down the hill. I was like 'well I have an alarm, I lock my stuff in a safe.' But it still bothers me, makes me nervous," Rineman said.

Then it inched a little too close for comfort. On Friday, a cash register was snagged from the Dragon 21 Chinese Restaurant at Main and Franklin Streets.

"Then I heard about Dragon 21. It was like 'okay they are here. There is no losing sleep over it anymore, they were here,'" Rineman said.

According to Fleetwood Police, businesses with alarm systems have so far been untouched.

"Everyone has to be aware. You have to have surveillance and security system so they can get caught," Hoimes said.

Fleetwood Police believe the business break-ins occur after 10 p.m. But attacks on nearby homes are happening in broad daylight.

"I guess they assume some people are working," said Tina Bealer, a Fleetwood resident.

Police said the thieves are snatching jewelry, weapons, and money from unlocked homes between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Tina Bealer isn't taking any chances.

"I lock it more than I do normally. But we are pretty precautionary to begin with," Bealer said.

Police ask that anyone who notices anything out of the ordinary dial 911 immediately.