Images of the funerals in Newtown, Connecticut, continue to break hearts around the world, including aching hearts in the city of Reading.

Several mothers say they have been devastaed by the tragedy and say they haven't slept in days.

"Those were babies, innocent babies that had no life to live yet, no life was lived, at all. That's the thing that bothers me the most," said Tara Dorsey.

"Just to look at their faces and see how small, how innocent they were, it's just horrible," said Tianna Agosto.

Now these mothers are organizing an event called "Candles for Connecticut."

It will be a candlelight vigil held Saturday at Third and Spruce in Reading, at 4 p.m.

"Just the fact that those parents are suffering and we're celebrating Christmas and they're burying the babies," said Dorsey. "I can't even sleep right. All of us. We've been like nervous wrecks all week trying to put something together for those people. If I touch one parent, that's my goal."

Twenty green and white balloons, the colors of Sandy Hook Elementary, will be released in memory of the victims taken way too soon.

The mothers organizing the vigil in Reading say they don't want any recognition, they just hope the candlelight ceremony sends a message to stop the gun violence.

"We just want to get it out there so that the families can see, it's not only them that are hurting, all of us as parents nationwide, worldwide," said Agosto.