One church's annual Christmas bazaar hasn't been canceled, even though many of the parishioners are still in the dark because of Hurricane Sandy.

Parishioners of Belleman's Union Church in Centre Twp., Berks Co., said they are counting their blessings, even though a majority of people in their church are still without power.

"There's been a lot of damage in the area, a lot of trees down," said Linda Henne, chairwoman of the bazaar.

The storm initially caused parishioners like Henne to become concerned about whether they would be able to hold their annual Christmas bazaar, which benefits the church.

Prior to Hurricane Sandy making her mark, Henne said bazaar participants were hunkered down at their homes preparing foods to be sold.

Without electricity, Henne said, they questioned whether they would be able to prepare and sell their spread. The parishioners, Henne said, presented a bright idea to keep their tradition from going dark.

"We brought up generators," said Henne.

They used four generators provided by parishioners. The generators provided enough power to cook on the stoves and use their ovens. Henne said the generators also provided some light to folks as they shopped for souvenir goods and ate delicious homemade meals and desserts.

"We just hoped and prayed that they were going to come out and they did," said Henne.

Belleman's Church has been holding its Christmas bazaar for more than 40 years without having to cancel. Losing electricity, Henne said, was not going to stop them from keeping their church tradition going.

"We're country people. We're Berks County people. We just dig in and do what we need to do," said Henne.

Belleman's Union Church will be holding its Christmas bazaar on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. until 1 p.m.