A couple are stopping traffic outside their home thanks to some unique wood sculptures.

When Ed and Martha Jane Daniel were asked by a neighbor to cut down a group of old pine and oak trees, they agreed that it was time, but not without some creativity.

"I decided, well I'm not going to just cut them down and throw them away," said Ed Daniel.

Instead, Daniel hired Kevin Treat, a chainsaw carver who works throughout northeastern Pennsylvania.

"And he did a wonderful job on them," Daniel told 69 News.

Over the course of nearly four days, Daniel said Treat, along with his father, carved a series of stump sculptures. Found on his Brownsville Road property are a wooden eagle, a group of bears, and a crew that he refers to as "the princess and her friends."

"Martha Jane and I plan to take the best of care of them. We love them," said Daniel.

Daniel said he hopes to preserve the statues for as long as possible. He even intends to add more sculptures this spring, including a Navy emblem representative of his 25 years of service.