Multiple police agencies throughout Berks County are on high alert.

ATVs and other motorized vehicles have created some close calls along the Thun Trail, and officers are concerned about the public's safety, said police. 

The signs are posted everywhere, "No Motor Vehicles," on the Thun Trail. Now, police are cracking down after they said ATVs and dirt bikes have created chaos over the past few months.

"We've beefed up patrols. We had bike patrols in the area. We've teamed up with Robeson Township and did a joint patrol on bicycles on the Thun Trail," said Chief Jed Habecker, Cumru Township Police Dept.

According to Habecker, the drivers have blatantly ignored the rules, and they caused several near collisions.

The main problem is the trail is often filled with runners, bikers and small children. Police are concerned about ATVs speeding through and someone being seriously hurt.

Reading and West Reading police have also stepped up efforts. They've alerted officers of the problem and stationed them along the trail.

"We still have individuals out there we haven't been able to catch," said Habecker.  "It's a hiking-biking trail, not a motorized ATV trail."

Now, Crime Alert Berks County has stepped in to help. Ten crime alert signs will be posted throughout the trail to serve as a deterrent and remind people to report the drivers who break the rules.

"All they have to do is just call our phone number and that'll get right to the police," said Barry Rohrbach, president of Crime Alert Berks County.

Officers hope the extra signs will help, and they're asking the public to be their eyes and ears to track down the drivers.

Anybody with information is asked to call Crime Alert: Berks County at 877-373-9913.