A 92-year-old woman is grateful to be alive after a car barreled into the side of her home.

"It happened so quick," said Martha Wentzel. "It was a shock. I didn't know which way to look or turn. I just didn't know."

The accident happened late Monday morning in the 1800 block of Butter Lane in Exeter Township, police said.

The driver, who was in the car with a dog, was trying to avoid running over a cat that was crossing the street, investigators said.

That crash left the 92-year-old homeowner shaken for hours.

"Really upset," said Wentzel. "I don't know how you explain that kind of situation.

But I was really shaking. That's what I was doing for about three hours."

The dog in the car at the time of the accident is okay, officials said.

The driver, who was hospitalized, has not been identified, and there is no word on her condition.