You've heard of deviled eggs but what about a Jesus egg? A family in Reading said Jesus appeared on an egg after they dyed it on Easter Sunday.

Too many eggs could be bad for your heart. But one could be good for your soul. And a family keeps one egg in a special box away from the other eggs they dyed on Easter.

"So this egg I put it inside the yellow and then I took it out and I was playing with a napkin," said 17-year-old Jayceen Vazquez, "It had blue color on it so I was like wiping it and I wrapped it a little bit. When I took it off there's a face there that appeared."

"Growing up you hear a lot of those stories, remember the grilled cheese lady," said Jessica Ramos, Jayceen's mom, "You're like, oh my God it's going to come out of my egg. Are you kidding me? Like seriously what is that?"

When Ramos compares her family's egg to a portrait of Jesus, she's convinced.

"If you really look at it, he has the long hair," said Ramos, "He looks very serious."

Ramos wanted to take her family to church on Easter Sunday morning. They didn't go and she said maybe that's why Jesus appeared on the egg.

"I was upset all day because I felt like we let him down," said Ramos, "My mother would say we get dressed for Jesus. That's the whole point of Easter. We didn't go see him but he came to see us."

"To know that we were just dying regular eggs on his day and a picture like that appears. We were just like happy. We didn't know what to feel really," said Vazquez.

To them it's definitely not a deviled egg.

When asked, "No doubt it's Jesus, it's not some other random guy?"

"I think it's him. It looks just like him," said Vazquez.

"In my heart I feel it is. In my heart I feel it's something spiritual," said Ramos.

It's incredible, but not edible. They plan to keep it in it's box.