Hundreds of volunteers who were out searching for a missing service dog can rest easy. Finley has been found.  

The golden retriever went missing Tuesday night and was reunited with his owner Friday morning.

For days, the search for Finley was desperate through the rain, cold and even snow Friday morning, but it looks like he found shelter about two miles from where he ran off from his owner, Denice DeAntonio, when she fell in the Broadcasting Square parking lot Tuesday night.

"I don't know how he got into our backyard because it's all fenced in," said Jackie Kauffman, who lives on Vista Drive in Wyomissing Hills. "Opened the door to let my dog in, and Kirby came in, and there was Finley and I couldn't believe it."

Kauffman said she thinks Finley slept under her deck.

"I got a handful of food and bent down, and he sniffed that then he went back out," said Kauffman. "Then I backed away from the door, and he came in, and I jumped fast to close the door, and he almost got back out, but I could grab his harness that was it." 

Kauffman called Dustin Feldman from Amazing Tails, who trained Finley to be a service dog. He was with other volunteers at the Dunkin Donuts on State Hill Road, which had become "Find Finley" headquarters.

"I asked her, 'Do you have any good news?'" said Feldman. "And she said, 'I think I have your dog.'"  

Finley waited for Finley's owner, DeAntonio, at Dunkin Donuts. From their reunion, it looked like he was happy to be back with his partner.

"He looks good," said DeAntonio. "He's going to have to go to the vet. He looks good." 

DeAntonio said Finley checked out at the vet. He only lost a little weight.

Finley survived three nights on his own, and DeAntonio is so thankful for all those who helped in the search.

"Berks County is an awesome community," said DeAntonio.

Finley will stay close to home from now on.