Some ambitious bargain hunters are pulling out all of the stops.

69 News caught up with hardcore shoppers who were camping out outside the Best Buy store in Wyomissing, Berks Co., Wednesday night. The first group pitched their tent at noon.

They're waiting for the doors to open midnight Thursday to get their hands on their favorite gadget.

"We have a tent, pillows, blankets. We have water, snacks, laptops, some movies. We're ready," said Kevin Maldonado, who was first in line.

"In actuality, we are going to be spending time with our families. We do have a system that we planned weeks ahead. We know exactly what we're doing," said Edwin Altamirano.

The group is using a three-man rotation to make sure somebody is always at the front of line.

Best Buy is offering a number of door buster sale items, including a 40-inch Toshiba TV for $179.99 and a Blu-Ray DVD player for $39.99.

Some stores will open their doors even earlier this year, including Walmart at 8 p.m. and Target at 9 p.m.