Reading Police said they've been flooded over the last 24 hours with tips on the shooting of a pizza delivery man.

Authorities have been hunting for three men in connection with Monday night's shooting in the 500 block of Birch Street.

Police say the Domino's deliveryman was shot in the face during the robbery. And  the bullet lodged in the man's neck.

He was last listed in critical condition at a hospital in Philadelphia.

On Wednesday, the victim's family reached out to 69 News, making a plea for help to all residents across the region.

The victim's sister issued this statement:

"My brother is a hard working young man. He is just trying to make it in this cold world we live in. He is a big kid at heart who loves to have fun, make money and play video games. Please help the police catch the people who did this to him. I love you. Your sister, Turquoise."

This crime has sent shock waves through the region. One local man who was in a similar robbery, survived and is telling his story only to 69 News.

Almost a year after the robbery, the victim is finally breaking his silence about those terrifying moments.

This victim says he was so close to getting better emotionally until this week's robbery of a pizza deliveryman -- and then it all came back to him.

Wednesday night Darren McKinley took us inside his mind-- inside the terror that has been with him for almost a year.

"It was two large pizzas, an order of wings, an order of bread sticks and a 2-liter Pepsi," McKinley said.

There's no way McKinley will ever forget that order.

It was back in January, when he was working for Pizza Hut, and delivering food to a home on N. 10th Street in Reading when the unthinkable happened: He was robbed at gunpoint.

"I turned around to see two masked faces, hats, and the barrel of a handgun," McKinley said.

He has since quit working as a pizza delivery driver and says he fears returning to the city of Reading.

He said he was only working at Pizza Hut to help take care of his wife, his little daughter, and their five cats.
"There's not a day that goes by that it doesn't effect me that night," he said.

Darren's wife says she's glad her husband quit delivering pizzas. She said it just wasn't worth the risk.

"We're really upset us because here's Darren trying to work full time, we're trying to make ends meet here, and they screwed us up," said Jamie McKinley.

"The economy is what it is. People don't get paid enough. Then others decide they want what you have, and that's just not right," Darren McKinley said.

He said he was willing to tell his story because he has hope for the city of Reading: that it will one day be a place he can return without fear.