A 9-year-old girl with ties to Berks County has spent three days in the hospital after being mauled by two pit bulls.

Neighbors rushed to save Narayana Darosh, but the girl is now left with both physical and emotional scars.

"She went from a happy ecstatic little girl to being filled with fear," said Amanda Pellicciotti, the girl's mother.

Narayana is now afraid to go to sleep, and she's faced with a long recovery. She's already had surgery on her neck and leg, and she will need several more.

"She's going to need some psychiatric help to get through this," said Bob Lucas, the girl's grandfather.

Narayana often visits her grandparents in Wyomissing, Berks Co., but Lucas said she was singing and taking out the trash at her home in York on Tuesday night, when a neighbor's two pits charged at her and attacked.

"Some neighbors down the street saw what was going on and they rushed down, but they could not get the dogs off Narayana," said Lucas.

According to Lucas, his little angel loves to dance, but now she's missing about 20 percent of her leg because of the accident.

"This was just absolutely traumatic for her," he said.

Narayana's family has been worried sick. Lucas suffered two strokes in the past few weeks, and his wife is in the hospital battling lupus.

Pellicciotti has been amazed by her little girl's strength, but she plans to press charges, said Lucas.

Police are investigating.