Gov. Tom Corbett pitched his plan for getting Pennsylvania out of the liquor business during a visit to Berks County on Wednesday.

The governor discussed his plan with members of the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Spring Township.

According to a recent survey, chamber members overwhelmingly support the idea of privatizing state liquor stores.

"Over the next four years, our plan would phase in the private sales of wine and spirits," Corbett said. "Along with thousands of new private sector jobs, this change will generate new revenue for the sales of licenses alone, and as you've heard me say many times, we have plans for that money."

Corbett wants to privatize the liquor system and reinvest the proceeds from the sale into an educational block grant for the state's schools.

The block grant goes along with a proposed $90 million in the budget's Basic Education Funding line item.

Critics have said the plan would give children easier access to alcohol and lead to an increase in crime and violence.