Gomes said Randolph was right next to him, arguing with Gesslein.

He said the men who had been denied entrance by Gesslein were upset and saying "we should [expletive] him up."

Gomes testified Randolph specifically said: "We should [expletive] him up for not letting me in the club."

He said Gesslein replied: "'Yeah, whatever, try.' It was a back and forth thing." He added Gesslein also said: "I'm just doing my job."

He said when Gesslein closed the door, the men outside kept knocking on it.

Witness Anthony Jones was seated at a table near the rear entrance of the club, when he heard a man named Bob, who was signing people in at the door, start yelling.

"I heard a ruckus going on. They started tussling," said Jones. He testified he did not see the tussle, but heard it.

Gomes said when Gesslein finally relented and let Gomes into the club, Randolph grabbed the door and walked in right behind Gomes, with his friends.

Gomes said Randolph took off his hat and said: "I told you I was going to get in."

Gomes said Gesslein took about four steps back and drew his gun. "They ran out the door and he shot."

Jones testified Gesslein backed up, yelled "either get back or get out" and pulled out his gun.

"The three people were running toward the door. And he fired his weapon."

Gomes said he looked at Gesslein and said "Wow! You didn’t have to do that." He said Gesslein replied: "I know what I’m doing."

Jones saw Randolph fall outside as the door closed. Jones testified he asked Gesslein if "he was just going to let the man lay out there. He pretty much said, 'What do you want me to do? He was reaching.' I asked him, 'What does that have to do with getting help for him?'"

Explaining "reaching," Jones testified Gesslein thought Randolph had a gun and was reaching for it, but Jones said he saw no one reach for a gun.

"They were running for the door and looking back, looking at the defendant."

While a couple of witnesses testified it took police between five and 15 minutes to arrive – and even longer for the ambulance to get there – Sgt.Conjour said it only took her a minute or two to get to the club after she was advised about the shooting. She said one or two police officers already were there, adding a total of 14 officers soon responded to the shooting.

A large crowd of at least 50 people was in the rear parking lot when Conjour arrived.

“They were all hostile towards us. Nobody wanted to cooperate with us.”

Conjour saw a male was lying on the asphalt at the bottom of the stairs outside the club’s rear entrance. Two women were performing CPR on him and "doing a good job."

Kelley testified she was inside the club when she heard three shots "right behind me." She ran outside to leave and saw Randolph. She checked to see if he was breathing and saw he still was alive. Kelley testified she is certified in CPR and first aid. She started doing CPR on the victim, continuing until the ambulance crew arrived and took over.

James Connell, Gesslein’s lawyer, commended Kelley for trying to help Randolph, adding "a lot of people wouldn’t do that."

Conjour said police moved the crowd back so the EMS team could get to Randolph, who was transported to Lehigh Valley Hospital in Salisbury Township.

The autopsy showed Randolph had been using marijuana. He died of multiple gunshot wounds. He was shot three times – in the back, abdomen and right thigh – with a .45-caliber firearm.