Gun permit sales and gun sales have been soaring around the country as well as in Berks County in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Berks County Sheriff Eric Weaknecht stated on Thursday that talk of gun control laws after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre has many Berks County residents worried.

"We noticed a big increase here in Berks County, probably almost double what we normally do in a given month in just the last three days. We're up to almost 300 permits. One of the things we noticed is 70 percent of the permits we issued in the last three days were new permits," said Weaknecht, "We noticed people are getting their permits to carry not to actually carry, but to preserve their right to carry."

"From Friday on, a panic set in and that's pretty much what you can call it, a panic buy in. So people, been buying and buying and buying," said Randy Hollowbush, owner of The Handgunner Custom Gun Shop.

For the past 30 years, Hollowbush stated that gun sales sway largely to the country's political climate and news headlines. After this past election, Hollowbush stated, his sales have soared between 25 and 30 percent.

"It's just a matter of worrying or not worrying about what's going to happen to their ability to own them," said Hollowbush.

According to The Federal Bureau of Investigation, its conducted more than 16.8 million background checks for gun purchases this year. That is the highest number since the agency began publishing the data in 1998.

With possible gun control legislation on the horizon, Hollowbush believes his phones will be ringing off the hook quite some time.

"Until somebody has some  definite idea of what kind of new law they want to give us or what they're going to try and do, it will drive things crazy for awhile," said Hollowbush.