Heavy rain floods subway in Reading; car stalled in water

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Published: Oct 02 2012 10:55:15 AM EDT   Updated On: Oct 02 2012 06:02:21 PM EDT
Spring Street subway

It's become an all-too-familiar scene when heavy rain falls fast in Reading.

The Spring Street subway becomes flooded, and drivers think they can pass through without getting stuck. More often than not, however, they're wrong.

That was the case again during a downpour Tuesday morning. Despite warning signs, at least one vehicle stalled out in the rising water before police could block off both entrances of the subway with barricades and turn drivers around.

While rescue crews were called to the scene, officials said occupants of the vehicle managed to make it to dry ground on their own.

Much of the water has since receded.

The flooding comes just less than a month after Pennsylvania's new "turn around, don't drown" law took effect. It penalizes drivers with fines and license points forĀ  ignoring signs warning that a road has been closed due to floods or other hazardous conditions.

Motorists who ignore the signs and have to be rescued will have to pay expenses and a $500 fine.