When snow is falling it's hard to think spring. Snow this late in the season forced garden centers to get creative so spring flowers will arrive on time.

At Jake's Greenhouse and Garden Center the snow fell down hard blanketing everything in sight. But unlike most blankets, this one wasn't warm.

Craig Kershner is the owner. He said the snow blocks out the sun in the greenhouses and so do the clouds.

"During December we supposedly had three days of full sun, January two or three, again February the same two or three and March has been no better," said Kershner.

He said the combination of no sun and no heat makes growing plants a challenge.

And snow two days before the official start of spring means he needs to be more creative, moving plants into the heat.

"Right now, we're trying to force our Easter plants," said Kershner.

His sons brought in daffodils. And Kershner said the tulips and Easter lilies will be ready.

"There's been times where's it's been cloudy where we've had some issues, but not this much continuous cloudy weather. And it's been cold too," said Kershner, "So, the combination of both have not been great."

He knows what he wants.

"Ideal would be about three weeks of full sun," said Kershner.

But realized he probably won't get it. He'll keep an eye on the forecast.

"I watch it fairly closely because I need to know," said Kershner.

He said spring is the the time when their sales reach their peak.

"Yeah, a bit concerned," said Kershner, "I'm hoping to have everything ready by the end of April. We'll see hopefully there will be enough sunlight to do it."