Drugs, guns and money are all items typically seized during a drug raid, but the Berks County district attorney's office is looking to donate some of the more uncommon items to a local organization.

"Some of the items that we seize from drug forfeiture, like computers or flat screen TVs, do not necessarily make us a lot of money, so we thought maybe there would be a better use for those items, so we looked to donate them to the Y," said First Assistant District Attorney Theresa Johnson.

Johnson looked to start up this program with the YMCA to help it advance its after-school programs.    

"So anything we can do to help them set up homework stations or activities for kids to do, it is much better for them to have structured environments for them to go to rather than being out on the street," said Johnson.

Staff at the YMCA said they are grateful for the donations, especially during tough economic times.

"With facing some financial cuts through some of our budgets, it is helpful for us to have donations from various sources, and the district attorney's office is one more source that we have to receive donations," said Ken Borkey, the YMCA's executive director.

The DA's office was able to work with the YMCA because the Y offers drug treatment programs administered through the county.