Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe is coming to life again on the big screen.The movie "My Week with Marilyn" is getting rave reviews, and renewing people's interest in Monroe's life and fashion.

Monday night a dress she wore in the 1950s was on display at the GogglesWorks and a certain 1960s TV icon was there, too. 

Michelle Williams is the actress who transforms into Marilyn Monroe for the big screen. And she was honored at the Golden Globes for that portrayal.

"Everything about Marilyn was special. And Ms. Williams captured her," said Gene London.

Former  television host of Cartoon Corners General Store, Gene London is also a Hollywood fashion collector and self-proclaimed Marilyn Monroe expert.

"There are times in the movie, when I-- who am super critical about Hollywood when I have to be-- I look at her and she is Marilyn," said London, "And it's breathtaking."

"My Week with Marilyn" is based on the time Marilyn Monroe was working on the movie "The Prince and the Showgirl."  In it she wears a dress that Gene London now owns.

"You can see by this dress that Marilyn's figure was ample," said London pointing to the white gown. "She's very curvy which was the style then, no longer the style now."

London said he had his eye on this dress when he was buying other costumes from a man in Wisconsin.

"The one thing he wouldn't give me was this dress," said London, "I wanted it the most of all of them.  He said nope, that's going to my children."

But London said the grandchild called 25 years later.

"I adored the way she acted," said London about Monroe. "I adore the way she sang 'Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend.'  I just love her.  It's hard to explain why. I just do."

And Monday night in Reading, London shared his dream with other Marilyn Monroe fans after the movie by displaying the dress and sharing his thoughts on the movie fashion icon.