Some say it's better to give than to receive, and Thursday night letter carriers tested out that theory. One deserving family got an extra special delivery.

Richie McDonough wore red and green and said he's an elf and a letter carrier.

"We work really hard. And we appreciate, especially in these really tough times, there are a lot of people out there that are unemployed, that have to make drastic decisions whether I should feed my kids, should I pay the rent, should I pay the heating bill and how am I going to do this," said McDonough, "And every day they're faced with these challenges."

He said with the help of a local church, his letter carrier union found one Reading family that needed a little extra love.

"Really underemployed, a really hard worker just trying to keep it together for family," said McDonough.

Eleven-year-old Gabriel George ate and waited for his mom.

"She wakes up early to go to work and comes home late," said Gabriel.

When she arrived he made sure she enjoyed the feast because for them Christmas came early. Gabriel, his mom and three sisters had many things to unwrap.

And Gabriel was so excited, especially when he opened his Xbox 360.

Gabriel's Xbox wasn't the biggest gift this family received.

"We bought bedroom furniture, bureaus, headboards, mattresses, box springs," said McDonough.

Working hard doesn't always cover everything.

"Three of them didn't have beds or any bedroom furniture and they were sleeping on the couch or on the floor," said McDonough.

Gabriel is a kid that loves his mom.

"I want to have a job of my own so I can help her," he said.

For now his mom got some help from letter carriers. And she said, "God is good."