Letterman goes crazy over Kutztown

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Published: Oct 13 2012 04:18:41 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 13 2012 04:19:30 PM EDT

A man from our area helped bring Kutztown to David Letterman's attention.

The legendary late-night TV host poked fun at Kutztown during his opening monologue on Thursday night.

"I'm a little late getting out of here," Letterman said. "I just got off the train from Kutztown, Kutztown, Kutztown!"

The joke stemmed from a conversation Letterman had with a Kutztown man who was in the audience right before the show started.

"He asked me where I was from. So I said 'Kutztown,'" Randy Hafer said. "We were a little far apart. He didn't know what I said. We're going back and forth, 'Kutztown, Kutztown, Kutztown.'"

Hafer said he had to spell Kutztown several times for Letterman.