A Royal baby is on the way. Monday the Queen announced her grandson Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting their first child. And like so many royal-watchers, an Amity Township woman said she is looking forward to the next heir to the throne.

Amy Levengood isn't British. She lives in Amity Township. But she has been following the Royals and specifically Queen Elizabeth since she was a kid.

"That started off my collection," Levengood said pointing to a book.

Her collection goes beyond her Royal library. She has commemorative tins, China and even a photo with the Queen from 2010.

"I was looking right into her eyes. We were about this far from each other," said Levengood, "It was like a dream come true."

And when something happens with the British monarchy she celebrates.

"For the wedding I got up in the morning and had my little scones and tea," said Levengood, "I like to focus on it. It's a little obsessive."

And now an announcement from Buckingham Palace said Kate Middleton is pregnant. Which Amy said is anti-climactic.

"Every other week or so there's something on the computer or in the tabloids," said Levengood.

But she said she will celebrate.

"When William and Kate got married. They changed the rules about succession," said Levengood.

Amy said it's an important moment for all women. Under proposed rule changes that are expected to pass, Prince William's child can ascend to the throne whether it's a boy OR a girl.

"In the past if it had been a daughter, if she had been the first born,she would have been passed over if they had a son," said Levengood.

Last Christmas Amy sent the Queen a Christmas card and she received a thank you note in return. She said when the baby is born, she plans on sending another note and has to make plans for May.

"I might have to go back to England," said Levengood.

Maybe she can see the Queen and suggest the name Princess Amy.