A Berks County man, who worked at DeSales University near Allentown, is accused of using a hidden camera to spy on a coworker while she pumped breast milk.

John Bednarik, who was employed as director of campus environment at the university, is charged with invasion of privacy.

The woman, according to court documents, was getting ready to pump breast milk in her office on Tuesday when she heard a noise, looked up, noticed a hole in the ceiling and found the camera.

The woman got dressed and left her office, bumping into Bednarik, who was leaving the neighboring office, police said.

Bednarik, 33, was later questioned by police and admitted to setting up the camera, which contained video of the woman partially naked and using her breast pump, according to court documents.

DeSales fired Bednarik on Thursday morning, said university spokesman Tom McNamara. He's due in court for a preliminary hearing on June 27.

Bednarik and the alleged victim live in the same Blandon neighborhood, according to court documents.