investigators are still trying to figure out why a half-dressed man was screaming at the top of his lungs in the middle of penn avenue in spring township. >> wendy davis: it all ended with the man being hit by a fast-moving train ... and miraculously ... surviving. wfmz's dwayne parker is in the berks studio with the story. dwayne? >> investigators say the man in this video was partially dressed, wearing boxer shorts as he ran from police. what happened next ... left many absolutely speechless. >> reporter: this is viewer cell running from police on friday... heading toward 69 news has remainder of the video because afterwards, the suspect can be seen monika vaux was in the area, and says she saw the entire incident with her own eyes. >> monika: i was just shocked that that. several police officers chasing you ... >> reporter: police say the man year-old nevin walls. they also say while in redner's quick shoppe in the 2200 block of penn avenue in spring township, walls got into a stranger's car occupied by a woman and a child and shouted for them to drive away. when police tried to get walls out of the vehicle, the say he ran up the embankment and jumped toward the approaching train. miraculously, walls was not killed. >> jon hile: you just kind of get taken back by things like that, and to see someone actually survive that is just a miracle in itself. some neighbors like angel guzman say this isn't the first time he has seen people run up on these tracks in the area. he says more protective barriers are needed. >> angel guzman: i've seen it four or five times, teenagers on the train. but i think it's dangerous and it is a problem. >> now walls is currently hospitalized at the university of pennsylvania hospital in philadelphia in fair condition. his father tells 69 news that his son suffered multiple broken