Was a Berks County father acting in self defense, or will he be charged in a bizarre shooting?

Investigators are working the case of a homeowner who shot one of three men banging on his door late Monday night, said police.

Three Pennsylvania State Police cruisers were parked outside the home in the 100 block of Douglas Road on Wednesday, but they wouldn't tell 69 News what they were doing there.

Neighbors are getting frustrated and said they want to know what happened the night of the shooting.

"It's just a very scary thought that something like this can happen," said one neighbor, who did not want to release her name. "I would do the same thing to protect my family, especially if three gentlemen were banging on my door."

That's what reportedly happened just before 11 p.m. Monday.

According to police, three men, including the ex-boyfriend of the homeowner's daughter, were outside. The homeowner told police he thought they were going to break down the door, so he fired a shot through the wall of his house, striking one of the men outside.

"Was there any words exchanged? That's the question now. Who's at fault?" asked Shawn, a neighbor who lives a few doors down.

Police are working to answer that question and determine if the use of force was justified.

According to attorney James Polyak, there are a lot of variables to consider. Among them: Were the men armed? Were they making threats? And did he warn them to stop?

"If he reasonably believed that he was in fear, or the men were about to make entry into the property, those are questions you want to know answers to," said Polyak.

Meanwhile, police remain tight-lipped and have not released the answers to those questions.

They did confirm the man who was shot suffered non-life threatening injuries, and the homeowner has an attorney.