Officials looking at intersection where student was hit

Posted: 7:00 PM EST Mar 04, 2013   Updated: 6:44 PM EST Mar 05, 2013

Middle school students in the Wilson School District are still in shock after one of their classmates was hit by a car on his way home from school. 

Spring Township Police stated that the 13-year-old boy is still recovering at Reading Hospital and is expected to be released soon.

Several students from Southern Middle School in Spring Township stated on Tuesday that they witnessed a 13-year-old classmate getting hit by a car on Monday afternoon at the intersection of Route 724 and Iroquois Avenue while walking back home from school.

"He was crossing and the light turned green. The car couldn't see him because the jeep was in front of then he came and the car started accelerating and then he got hit," said Eduardo Averu, 11.

"He tried to go quick so he won't get hit...but then he got hit," said Randy Marte, 13.

"It's just scary," said Dylan Ambose, 11.

Wilson School District superintendent Dr. Rudy Ruth stated that the district is taking a closer look at adding an additional crossing guard at that intersection.

"We really try to look at everything in totality and then make the best possible decision based upon the information we have," said Ruth.

Spring Township Police told 69 News that witnesses indicated that the driver had a green light, signaling that he had the right-of-way. This scenario, Ruth stated, is all too familiar for the district. About two years ago, Ruth said, a student was hit by a car near that intersection walking home from school. Even though there is a crossing light, students like Kassidy Lamanna, 12, feel uneasy crossing the street.

"Sometimes you try to walk and they don't let you go and they beep their horn," said Lamanna.

Since the accident, Ruth stated that the district will have a crossing guard at this intersection throughout the remainder of the school year. The district is doing this, Ruth said, to see if it is necessary to have a crossing guard at that location for next year.

"If the decision is hey, it makes sense, it's the best practice, it's what we should so...then yes, we will do that," said Ruth.