The temperatures have been above and beyond a comfortable level. Day five of the heat wave felt like the hottest so far between the heat and the humidity.

Romarr Mayne is a lifeguard at Schlegel Park Pool in Reading, PA. He says the pool is normally packed to capacity, with around 600 people on a day like this; but this week, it is too hot for some people to even come out for a swim.

He also says it is difficult to keep the water at a refreshing temperature: "With a hot day like this and the number of people in the water, it tends to get a little bit warmer like bath water."

If you cannot get to a pool, staying inside with air conditioning is a great option.

The high temperatures are serious. If you have to be outside, it is important to stay hydrated.

Also lookout for hazards. Thursday a road buckled on the 6100 block of Oley Turnpike in Oley Township.