Police: Kim Norward raped fellow patient at Haven Behavioral Health in Reading

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT Oct 15, 2012   Updated: 10:55 AM EDT Oct 16, 2012

Police said they've arrested the man responsible for raping a woman while they were both patients at a behavioral hospital in Reading.

The crime happened at Haven Behavioral Health in March, and authorities said they were finally able to arrest the suspect, Kim Norward, this past weekend.

"She called the police and reported she was raped while she was a patient there," said Sgt. Matthew Schappell, Reading Police Dept.

According to court documents, the alleged victim was sleeping at the time.

"She claimed that he moved her into the bathroom and raped her while she was in the bathroom," said Schappell.

The victim, police said, also told them Norward told her before the rape that he wanted her to have his baby. She tried to resist and scream, but he was stronger and kept the door to the bathroom closed, police said.

"He was also a patient there," said Schappell. "They have access, free access, while they're in the facility, so he just entered her room."

Haven Behavioral Health is based in Tennessee, and representatives were not available for comment.

Sex crime charges can take some time to file, police said.

"Charges in the case were approved by the district attorney in May. We swore out an arrest warrant in May, but we couldn't locate him," said Schappell. "He had been released from the Haven Behavioral Health Center shortly after this incident occurred. His whereabouts were unknown."

Norward was charged with rape, sexual assault and related offenses.