It turns out one local carpenter used the tools at his disposal to fight crime.

Benny, who does not want to reveal his last name for fear of retaliation, says on Halloween day someone stole $600 in power tools from his van on N. 10th Street in Reading.

Two days later, he says his ladder was also stolen.

"That made me feel so bad, and I feel so down," said Benny. "I didn't know what to do."

Benny reported the crimes to police, but also decided to fight back with a surveillance camera.

"I was thinking how to get him," said Benny. "I was thinking to myself all that night how to set him up."

Monday, Benny put boxes of dirt, as well as wrapped bread his family sent him from Ecuador, in his truck in plain sight.

The bait attracted a man dressed in a light-colored hoodie.

When the coast was clear, the man in the video entered the truck, and then a few seconds later, he left.

Five minutes later, the video shows the man returning.

Not only did Benny's security camera capture the crime, but several neighbors saw the crime take place and called police.

Authorities arrested Frederick Devon Allison from Reading and charged him in connection with the crime.

"It's not fair that I work so hard and somebody from the street, not doing what they should be doing, and they come and steal something that I use everyday," said Benny.

Police say Benny's video was pivotal in making this arrest.

It's not clear if Allison is behind all of the thefts, officials said, but he is facing charges of theft from a motor vehicle, as well as receiving stolen property.