A New Jersey woman has been arrested on charges she beat up her daughter inside a convenience store near Fleetwood and then fled in a car driven by the alleged victim's grandmother, authorities said Tuesday.

Surveillance cameras captured video of the alleged assault inside the Sheetz store at Routes 222 and 662 in Richmond Twp., Berks Co., on July 29, police said.

Jillian Boone-Gonzalez chased her daughter inside the store and proceeded to hit, punch and grab her by the hair, said police, citing witness accounts of the incident.

Boone-Gonzalez, 34, was then seen dragging her daughter by the hair outside the store, where video surveillance showed her choking the 14-year-old girl with a purse strap, police said.

Boone-Gonzalez then fled the store in a vehicle driven by the girl's grandmother and returned to her home in North Plainfield, N.J., police said.

The girl was cared for by store employees until police and paramedics arrived, said police, adding that the girl was transported to St. Joseph Medical Center for treatment of her injuries.

Boone-Gonzalez, in an interview with Berks County detectives about two weeks later, admitted that she has a history of domestic violence with her daughter and that she "lost control" and hit her daughter and pulled her hair on July 29, police said.

Boone-Gonzalez was charged Monday with aggravated and simple assault, stalking, endangering welfare of children, disorderly conduct, recklessly endangering another person and harassment. A judge set her bail at $25,000.