Pro cyclist Kate Veronneau overcomes asthma

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT Sep 26, 2012   Updated: 11:08 AM EDT Sep 27, 2012

Biking at 20 to 30 miles per hour can put pressure on your lungs. And for one local cyclist she's under pressure more than most because she suffers from a chronic condition.

But this 34-year-old professional cyclist said she hasn't let it stop her from crossing the finish line.

Kate Veronneau hit the road Tuesday night.

"Cycling is an incredible view of the world to be able go do 60 miles and see so much," said Veronneau.

Veronneau is a professional cyclist who recently went to Italy.

"We road 400 miles in a week and climbed 50 thousand feet," said Veronneau.

But when she isn't catching the sites around the world, she enjoys the ones close to home.

"This is my training ground. It's beautiful Topton PA," said Veronneau, "It's cornfields there's a little mountain chain behind our house down into Oley Valley which is another one of my favorite places to train."

It is her training ground, but it's also a source of problems because Kate has been suffering with asthma for 27 years.

"I had pretty debilitating asthma since I was about 7 years old," said Veronneau, "It was induced by allergies, colds anytime I got sick I'd have a really scary asthma attack and my parents would have to rush me to the hospital."

She said it's the worst when the pollen is heavy.

"I'll notice I'll have a shortness of breath or coughing wheezing and I have to take my inhalers," said Veronneau.

But it doesn't slow her down. And she races on the PureEnergy Cycling/ProAir HFA team to show she can handle any route, hilly or flat.

"Our whole mission is to demonstrate to kids and parents everywhere that you don't need to be held back because of your asthma," said Veronneau.

She said her asthma won't force her to put the brakes on cycling. And she has plenty of miles ahead.