A showdown over a gun range seems to be coming to an end in Berks County.

Exeter Township Police have decided to scrap plans for a new gun range after neighbors fired back with complaints.

The Exeter Township Police Department is paying upwards of $1,000 dollars a month so its officers can brush on their shooting skills, but training often takes place outside of the township, authorities said.

"We were looking at the price for us to travel to a variety of ranges, including Cumru Township, Muhlenberg Township, and it's very costly for us timewise to travel to these places, set up all our equipment, such as moving targets, barricades, things like that," said Chief Christopher Neidert, Exeter Township Police Dept.

The American Water Company offered the police a property on Neversink Mountain, off of Reservoir Drive, in Exeter Township, for a price of $1 dollar a year.

Had the shooting range been constructed, it would have been near Julie Kline's home. Kline said she was concerned for the safety of her dog who likes to run through the woods in her backyard, and she says a gun range would decrease her property value.

"Because, who would want to be here listening to guns going off," said Kline.

Abigail Wolfe, and her fiance Robert Wissmann, just recently purchased a home at the foot of Neversink Mountain and hope to start a family.

"You don't want to raise a family next to a gun range. I don't want to hear gun shots while I'm out playing with my future children," said Wolfe.

"Just too close to everybody's property and you have the conservancy right up the hill, so there's concerns for hikers safety as well," said Wissmann.

After hearing the complaints, Exeter Township Police said they will not move forward with the gun range.

"I don't want to become enemies of the public. We're here to protect and serve," said Chief Neidert.

But now the big question is, if not on Neversink Mountain, then where will the Exeter Township Police place their gun range?

"We've gone to other places in the Township," said Neidert. "People just don't want this in their backyard."

Chief Neidart said he will not give up. He explained his officer are required by law to put in a certain amount of gun training.

So, for now Neidert says he will continue to look for an affordable gun range for his Exeter Township police officers.