A tax revenue battle between the Reading Hospital and the Wyomissing Area School District appears to be over.

The hospital will provide $408,500 worth of health services to the district during each of the next four years, officials announced Tuesday.

The health-related services include occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing, athletic training, psychiatric testing, and flu shots or cash payments to the school district in lieu of those services, officials said.

"This newly formed partnership will positively impact the delivery of services to students, resulting in our children's improved wellness," said Julie Vicente, superintendent, Wyomissing Area School District. " We look forward to embarking on this mutually beneficial relationship."

The deal is designed to help the district offset its budget deficit, said officials, adding that the agreement resolves a dispute over the hospital's tax-exempt status.

The district wanted the hospital to pay up because it has private practice doctors working on its campus. The hospital said it didn't have to pay because it's a non-profit agency.