The Reading Police Department is warning people about a phone scam being reported throughout the city.

Someone is calling residents and threatening them, saying things like, "We have your son," or "Your son was in an accident, and it was his fault," said police, adding that the callers then threaten the person on the phone that the only way to get the son back is to wire a specific amount of money to them.

Police are warning residents that this is a scam. They said they were able to trace the harassing phone calls to Puerto Rico.

"When these people call, they're not being specific. They're just saying 'your brother' or 'your husband' or 'your daughter.' They're not mentioning any names, and they're not giving any indication that they have any personal information about the person who they're saying they have in custody," said Sgt. John Solecki, Reading Police Dept.

If you receive one of these calls you're asked to call police, or just hang up.