Residents upset with recent crimes in Laureldale

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT Aug 22, 2012   Updated: 12:19 AM EDT Aug 23, 2012

Over the past two months the borough of Laureldale has seen everything from a moving fireball to a deadly feud among neighbors.

Residents like Bertha Leivensberger says she does not like the change she is seeing.

"It is madness," said Leivensberger. "We got to stop this madness somehow."

Just Tuesday, police say 49-year-old Bruce Muth shot and killed his neighbor, volunteer fire policeman Bobby Goda.

The homicide happened just a block away from Bertha's beauty salon and antique shop.

"It's a little scary because this is my business and I live upstairs," said Leivensberger.

Some residents say when it rains it definitely pours in Laureldale. In fact, at the beginning of July, police were involved in a stand off with an armed woman on Montrose Street.

Police say the woman barricaded herself inside her home.

Grumpy's Bar, which is nearby, was placed on lockdown during the stand off, and customers were forced to stay inside until 3 in the morning.

"It's a little concerning. And now neighbors shooting. And it is relatively a quiet neighborhood a nice neighborhood," said John Keeler, owner of Grumpy's Bar.

Also in Laureldale, surveillance cameras on the 3200 block of Chestnut Street caught a person setting an SUV on fire. The vehicle is quickly engulfed by flames, and then suddenly the criminal accidentally catches fire and takes off running down the street.

Police say no one has been charged yet, but the investigation continues.

Meanwhile some neighbors say they look forward to getting back to quieter times.

"I don't want to live locked in my house, no, absolutely not, no," said Melissa Zeiber.

If you have any information on the crimes mentioned above, call police immediately.