Strap on your skates!

Roller derby is returning to Hamburg.

Our cameras were at the Hamburg Field House Wednesday night where members of the Keystone State Rolling Renegades were showing off their skills.

Roller derby matches were held here at the field house some 40 years ago.

Now monthly matches are being held once again to raise money for the Hamburg Fire Department.

"The first time we walked into this building it was like we could just feel the history here you know. It just felt perfect. It felt like home right away," said Roller Derby Renegades member, Rae'sin A. Ruckus.

"Our generation and even the generations to come never really get to see this stuff besides on TV. And now right here it is in our own hometown," said Union Fire Company No. 1 Fire Chief Troy Hatt of Hamburg.

The first match will be held February 9th.