Wednesday night is a big night for the Reading Royals. They are on a nine-game winning streak, with hopes of keeping that flame alive.

Fans Mark Hallacher and Doris Kaucher said they are "royally" pumped.

"It's really exciting. I like the way they matched up with affiliating local teams," said Hallacher. 

"I'm happy to see them win," said Kaucher.

"They really came together after a slow start and to rebound and win nine in a row, I don't think anybody ever expected that," said Mark Wallace, the Royals' general manager.

The franchise, Wallace said, has seen an increase in game-day ticket and merchandise sales at the Sovereign Center.

"We want to see more of these blue seats turn into human beings," said Wallace.

About 93 percent of season ticket holders from last year, Wallace said, have come back for return business.

"I think the team, with the play and the holidays, I'm excited to see some really good crowds over the next couple of days," said Wallace.

With the NHL at a standstill for the time being, fans are looking elsewhere to watch exciting hockey.

"NHL, they're digging their own grave," said Hallacher.

The Royals kept their streak alive against the South Carolina Stingrays with a 5-4 win for their 10th straight win.

"We have a tremendous base of die hard hockey fans, and thank goodness for that," said Wallace.