Shopping 'the thing to do' for many on Black Friday

Author: , Reporter
Published: Nov 23 2012 04:16:38 PM EST   Updated On: Nov 23 2012 05:52:01 PM EST
Black Friday at Berkshire Mall

Shoppers started jumping at the Black Friday bargains Thursday night, and many will continue to shop for great deals through the weekend.

The Berkshire Mall in Wyomissing, Berks Co., saw a steady amount of shoppers throughout the day.

For shopper Stacy Dietrich, planning a Black Friday shopping adventure is very strategic.

"As soon as we're done eating Thanksgiving dinner, we pull the circulars out, write everything down, times that stores open, what time the sales are," said Dietrich.

Shopper like Blanch Clouser said Black Friday shopping is more of a relaxed experience.

"I just got here. I had to work this morning, so I couldn't shop last evening," said Clouser.

The National Retail Federation estimated holiday sales will total $586 billion this year. Black Friday sales for many stores, such as Walmart and Target, began Thanksgiving night.

"We opened up at 9:00 last night.  So, we did really good with our sales," said Bevy Lorah, a Target employee.

"My daughter did earlier shopping and got the specific stuff," said Clouser.

Dietrich and her "shopping partners" said they began their shopping day at 7 p.m. Thursday and enjoyed shopping into the early morning hours, getting themselves into the holiday spirit.

"We actually called my husband to pick up some stuff out of the cars so we can continue to shop some more," said Dietrich.

"The females in my family, we come out and have a good time," said Kristin Hughes, a Black Friday shopper.

Those who wanted to avoid the early stampede, like Megan Bowman and her grandmother, said they wanted to avoid the early morning stampede before catching the sales.

"I made out pretty well. I just got a whole outfit for $50, which is good," said Bowman.

According to the National Retail Federation, 148 million people are expected to shop over the holiday weekend.

"It's become the thing to do," said Clouser.