Spring police probe rash of tire slashings

Posted: 4:32 PM EDT Mar 11, 2013   Updated: 5:47 PM EDT Mar 11, 2013
Tires slashed in Sinking Spring

Spring Township police are on alert after a rash of tire slashings.

At least 10 cars have been targeted, and the slasher caused more than $2,000 in damage in one night, said police.

"I wish I could find the person who did it," said Matt Borkey, whose tire was slashed. "What enjoyment do people get out of that?"

Fourteen tires were slashed at Berkshire Hills town homes in Spring Township. In all, 10 vehicles were hit sometime between late Saturday night and Sunday morning, said police.

"I know at least one vehicle had all four tires slashed, and there was one family who had two vehicles hit," said Lt. Joe Shivers, Spring Twp. Police Dept.

Wanda Rodriguez considers herself lucky. Only one of her tires was slashed, but she said she's still downright angry.

"This car is not even a month old. I'm a hard-working woman and now I have to figure out a way to fix this. I need to take money from something else I could use for a bill, or putting food on my kid's table to fix my tire," said Rodriguez, who had to drive to work Monday on a donut tire.

Police are now asking residents to be vigilant, and Rodriguez had a message of her own.

"Find something better to do than going around hurting other people. It's not fair to me or to anyone else you did this to," said Rodriquez.

"We've never seen anything like this," said Borkey.

According to police, once the weather gets warmer they see more vandalism. With spring-like temperatures the past few days, they will be beefing up patrols in the neighborhood to try and track down the slasher.

If you have any information that can help police make an arrest in the case, call Crime Alert Berks County at 877-373-9913.